Bolea Junior Lounger - Finished!


Today, I'm proud to present you the Bolea Junior Lounger!

The productionprocess has come to an end, now the promotion of all the designed Junior Loungers, in favor of Energy4All, will start.

The Bolea, and many other Loungers will be presented during several fairs through out the country!


By clinking on this link:


you're able to see where and when the loungers will be presented.


Here's already an exclusive view of the Bolea:







Fourth Assessment - Department Product Design -








My second year at the department Productdesign has come to an end. Below you can see some picture's concerning my work during this term.






Bolea Junior Lounger Update



Here are some new feeds about the Bolea Junior Lounger. Below you can see some photo's which have been taken in the past few weeks.


When the actual body of the design was realised, we made a 3D scan of the hull. Now the design is digitalised and can be reconstructed in the computer. Making this 3D scan requires a specific tool which can 'read' the contoures of the body. Then the computer rebuilds these readings into hundreds of single points around the X, Y and Z-axes. 


After that, we upholstered the body with a test substance, a normal/common sort of red textile which can give you new information about where the seams have to be placed. This information is vital for when we will upholster the body with the actual textile. So, many decisions are made which will define the ultimate design of the Bolea.


More pictures and video's will come! So, will be continued...









Third Assessment Department Productdesign







Today I had, already, my third assessment at the department of Product Design. Now the last term of the second year will begin. Below you can see a little slideshow, a compact summary of the products I designed this term.  

Besides this slideshow, I refer to the topic "Product Design year 2" were you can see even more pictures. During this term I also made a short film for 'Autonoom' which you can see under the topic "Autonoom". 











Bolea Junior Lounger - update photo's



Two new photo's where updated to Leolux' website concerning the development off the Bolea Junior Lounger. Within a few day I'll also post the new videoblog! So.. stay tuned!









Bolea Junior Lounger - update Videoblog






Leolux posted several new photo's on their website concerning the Bolea Junior Lounger. Besides the photo's they also posted a video, a short blog, in which I tell something about the productionproces.


Below you can see video.










Junior Lounger Bolea - update







At Leolux' website you can see several photo's about my new Junior Lounger. Those photo's paint an example about the proces which takes place. Please be free to visit this link:









Second Assessment Department Productdesign








Today I had my second assessment at the department of Product Design. 


The photo's are not yet uploaded to "PRODUCT DESIGN". The pics you see are a first impression of the design I presented during my assessment.


More, and better, photo's have yet to come!


Above you can see some photo's which I made during my assessment.They'll give you an impression of my designs. 


More photo's have yet to come.

So, will be continued!








Junior Lounger Contest update -






The website has been updated!

Now you are able to see my design as I presented it to the jury.


To read more about the concept, you must go to "Jewellery and product design year 2" and then click on "Product Design". Enjoy reading!


I'll keep you up to date when I have any news!





Junior Lounger Contest update - foto's jurering






Today I had my first meeting with Henk Jegers, head manager product development at Leolux to discuss my junior lounger. It was very fascinating! I can't tell you too much, so I point to the website of Leolux:


Every time I go to Leolux to discuss my design, they will post a short videoblog in which I will tell you something personal about the development. The first videoblog will be published within two weeks.






Junior Lounger Contest - Design selected!







I'm proud to report that my design for the Junior Lounger Contest is selected and will be developed! 

I'm linked to Henk Jegers, head manager of product development at



Please visit : to read more about the topic.


Unfortunately I can't show any designs due to rights.


What I can show you is a short video about the selection process which took place at the Leolux visitors centre Via Creandi. If you're lucky you'll be able to spot my design.



So.. will be continued!!









First Assessment Department Product & Jewellery Design







Today, the 15th of November, I had my first assessment of the second year at the department of Jewellery and Product Design. 


Go to "JEWELLERY AND PRODUCT DESIGN YEAR 2" and than click on "JEWELLERY DESIGN, PRODUCT DESIGN or CERAMICS". You can see more pictures and occasionally read some background information.


Below you can see some photo's which I made during my assessment.







Logo Dyanne Sleijpen - Singer/songwriter



















































Dyanne Sleijpen (  a young but yet a great singer-songwriter contacted me and asked if I was interested in designing her new logo. I was delighted that she asked me, so after a few months I'm proud to present this new design.


Go to "&MORE" to see more graphic work. And please visit Dyanne's website!









Logo Sophianum Cabaret - Donder&Bliksem!









I designed the logo for the Sophianum Cabaret. It's a show which takes place every other year at the Sophianum College in Gulpen. Above you can see a flyer.


Projectweek Jewellery & Productdesign








My first week at the new department Jewellery and Product Design was quite exciting! This first couple of days we had a so called 'Projectweek'. During this week we got several tasks which all were connected to the theme: "Animal Skin".  Two former ABKM-students supported us during these assignments. One of those assignments was to design a new bodyobject/handbag. It was prohibited to use leather as the main material. The design didn't necessarily had to be functional, but the materials you chose to use also had to contain a 'deeper more emotional layer'. 


Down below you can see some images of the things I made during this projectweek. My bodyobject is primarily based on the antler of a Capra.


More photo's have yet to come!





Final Assessment Propeadeutic Year







Today, the 22nd of June, I had my final assessment of the propeadeutic year. Now the first year has officially come to an end. These meetings and decisions are made with regards to continuation of studies in one of the majors available. So, at the end of the academic year we have to make a decision which course we will follow next year. Next year I will do Jewellery and Product Design.


Below you can see some photo's which I made during my assessment.













Today, the 21th of June, I finished my new digital portfolio! 


From now on I will continually update this website if their is any news..