"GROW" - Tiles


When nature gradually takes over the city, a new perception of culture emerges. The contrast between nature and culture inspired me to create a tile that can provide a suitable habitat for living things. The organic bubble pattern that defines the design of the tile is in relation to the moss that grows on top of it. 


Material: PU








Ceramic work - term 1

Above you see a ceramic fruit shell made of 77 equal pieces. All these oval ceramic pieces have come out of a mold. It's form is based on the mathematical sequences which can be found in nature, for example in a sunflower. These 'fibonacci-like' sequences are very fascinating and that's why I chose this subject to shape my work. The shape, out of nature, is actually a 'metafor' for the fruit which lies on top.  



For 'productvormgeving' we got a task to design a 'container' made of ceramic. During the assignment we should define a concept which balances between the two components 'Industry' and 'Handcraft'. At first I chose a standard 'industrial' basic form: a cylinder. For me a cylinder is a form which doesn't contain any emotion. It is too perfect. The challenge I saw was to 'put' emotion into a cylinder by changing the outer texture. By changing the texture of the ceramic work, (I tried using bandage, fabric, leather and rough fibre paper) the effluence also changes and becomes more accessible. Later on this concept of my developed itself into more 'work in progress'. There isn't one end work. But all the individual cups and cylinders, which each have a different texture(combination), define my investigation in how a texture can change the effluence of the material ceramic.




Reader Ceramics
Reader Keramiek Riccardo Belli (samenste
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